Women of Influence (WIN)

A program that provides self-empowering tools & techniques to women who are (or who have the potential to be) influential in their roles

This program is specifically designed for women in positions or roles of influence. Through this program women are equipped and empowered to fulfill their potential and leverage their strengths. This includes (and is not limited to) sharpening their leadership capabilities, their decision-making skills, and supporting them through this process by providing the encouragement needed to identify, set goals for and elevate their influence in business.

Holding Hands

Group coaching for the business and/or key functions to support and accelerate productivity within the organisation

Holding Hands is designed to provide practical solutions for employees that foster good work life balance, improved productivity and the purposeful development of each individuals’ strengths and capabilities. Cultivating a business culture of productivity and success. Happy, productive employees make for profitable businesses.


Bridging the gap

Focusing on the inherent development of the employee for maximum outputs and business deliverables

We offer the necessary tools and techniques that will facilitate personal growth, change and personal development of employees



Counselling targeted at employees overcoming personal challenges that accompany them to the workplace, to reach a desired state of overall well-being

Equipping individuals with self-awareness that will empower them to initiate positive change and growth.

Counselling helps employees to overcome problems, whilst empowering them with new ways to address their problems. Offering counselling as a support service in your business shows how much you as the employer cares for your employees and can assist in de-coding work-related challenges or the poor performance of usually good performers.

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