Bridging the gap

Focusing on the inherent development of the employee for maximum outputs and business deliverables

We offer the necessary tools and techniques that will facilitate personal growth, change and personal development of employees

Training content

  • Interpersonal skills: to enable better understanding of different cultures, races, age groups and genders
  • Conflict Management: Techniques to transform destructive conflict to constructive conflict with the focus on prevention, resolution and containment
  • Team Participation: Understanding team fundamentals to the benefit of the business, team and self
  • Emotional Intelligence: Enabling candidates to use emotions in a positive and constructive way in the business
  • Building Self Esteem: Teaching simple techniques that will help candidates change on how they feel about themselves
  • Financial Wellness: Learning on how to manage finances successfully. Money plays a critical role in our lives, and not having ‘enough’ of it impacts health and work performance

Time required:
Each program duration is 1 hour

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